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CCTV Surveys

CCTV surveying of pipes enables our customers to obtain accurate information of the condition and location of their drainage systems. Locating the problems before they manifest enables us to keep disruption to a minimum and fix any defects or problems quickly.

Our camera system is perfectly suited to cater for any size pipe, above or below the ground. It provides colour CCTV footage and its pan and tilt heads enable us at Cork Drain to provide 360 degree views for our customers. We supply you with a full written report and DVD footage of the inspection from our WinCan 8 system. 

Our camera is able to handle an impressive range of tasks and challenges, from which we are experienced in completing the following:

  • Drain Pipe Surveys

  • Culverts Surveys

  • Gully Surveying

  • Coil Pipe Surveys

  • Excavations Survey

  • Mines and Tunnel Surveys

  • Ventilation and Heating Duct Surveying

  • Well Surveys

  • Ships’ Hold Surveys

  • Tanks and Vessel Surveying

  • Insurance Surveying

  • Wincan 8 Software

  • Instant report and DVD

  • Smoke testing of drains for smells

  • Leaks detection

  • Inclinometer reporting available

  • Pre-Purchase House Survey

Pre-Purchase House Survey

Before buying a house, a pre-purchase CCTV Survey is essential to ensure that all drainage systems are in good working order. CCTV surveying of a property will eliminate the risks of potential problems, which could be expensive to repair later. We at Cork Drain know that buying a property can be stressful. Thus, our WinCan reporting software provides you with a comprehensive and image-based report, to ensure that you have all the relevant information required to purchase with confidence.

Benefits of a Pre-Purchase Drain Survey 

  • A pre-purchase drain survey will cover parts of the home not listed in the property survey. While a property survey does identify many issues in detail, they can significantly overlook the buildings drainage due to a lack of resources and tools required to efficiently inspect the drains. It is critical that you undertake a CCTV drain survey in order to know everything about a house.

  • Identifying issues prior to purchase means that they can be fixed by the existing owner or an agreement made on a lower purchase price. If problems are identified after y have moved into a house the previous owner is very unlikely to be willing to cover any costs.

  • Certain mortgage lenders will require a drain survey before approving the loan itself. In addition to being a useful tool and aid in the decision to buy a certain property, having a survey included in your mortgage application can increase your chances of securing the loan.

  • A pre-purchase drain survey is hugely beneficial for insurance purposes. Most insurance companies will not cover drain issues that arise later as they are not able to assess their current condition. By providing them with a CCTV survey report, you can include your houses drains in your insurance policy and you may even get better rates.

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