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Hydrostatic Detection – stick that in your pipe and smoke test it!

Updated: Mar 4

preparing for smoke testing


Hydrostatic detection involves subjecting a system or vessel to a controlled increase in fluid pressure to assess its strength, integrity, and potential leak points. This method is extensively employed in the construction and maintenance of pipelines, pressure vessels, and plumbing systems. By introducing a pressurised liquid – typically water – the system is assessed for any signs of deformation, seepage, or structural weaknesses. Our engineers monitor pressure changes and leakage patterns to pinpoint areas requiring rectification. Hydrostatic detection is a non-destructive testing method, making it an essential tool for the gas and water industries respectively.


Smoke testing is a technique used to detect leaks or breaches in confined spaces, such as ventilation systems, sewer lines, or building envelopes. In this method, non-toxic smoke is introduced into the system under slight pressure. The smoke then permeates through any existing openings or cracks, revealing potential points of leakage which we can then assess and remedy. This method is particularly effective in identifying otherwise concealed defects, ensuring that harmful substances like waste line gases or hazardous fumes are contained. By tracing the path of smoke, our professional engineers can accurately locate and rectify vulnerabilities before they escalate into more significant issues such as gas leaks, which if left unnoticed, can turn into a highly destructive explosion, causing the loss of life and property.


Once we have completed our smoke testing and hydrostatic detection, our expert engineers will create a comprehensive report on our findings from smoke testing Cork, and if we detect any leaks or areas of concern, the location will be provided to you exactly, to the nearest millimetre.

It may not be the usual application for the old proverb ‘stick that in your pipe and smoke it’ – but I’m sure you’ll be glad that Cork Drain Cleaning did!

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